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Website conversion like a duck to water

Want web conversion tips? Take a feather out of this site.

Web conversion tips can be quite handy if you’re trying to convert more visitors into customers.  Today you can learn stacks (or is that quacks?) about web conversion from this website … about ducks.


Not these type of ducks.


Not rubber ducks. Website conversions from a real duck site.


The webbed waddlers. The original twerkers.


Web conversion tips from ducks


What’s the website?

Well, it’s actually a page within the Animals Australia website, and it’s about protecting ducks from being slaughtered and injured by recreational shooters.  Animals Australia want to raise awareness as well as money.


The web conversion challenge

It’s a tough gig encouraging people to donate money, but Animals Australia do it really well. Even when I think I can’t spare the money for a particular campaign, I end up grabbing my wallet and thinking about the ‘bills’ later (no pun intended … who am I kidding, I LOVE puns!).

We can all learn web conversion tips from the Animals Australia website.


Step 1. Upfront, they ask you to make a choice

Asking your visitors to make an immediate choice increases the chance that they’ll take appropriate action to support that choice, i.e. donate money.


Anti duck shooting

This Animals Australia page is clear and simple, with a beautiful, uplifting image. There can be no mistaking what this website wants to achieve.


It’s not only charities that benefit from requesting a clicky buy-in, other businesses do it as well. I don’t think it’s ideal for every website, but let’s take a look at some sample, hypothetical copy.


Professional organiser: short copy

Would you like to …

  • Stay Stressed?
  • Get organised?

Professional organiser: longer copy

Want a free 30 minute phone consultation?

  • No thanks, I’ll stay frantic and unorganised
  • Yes please, I want to be organised and stress free


Website copywriter: short copy

I want to …

  • Lose sales
  • Increase sales


Website copywriter: longer copy

Would you like a free copy of 3 reasons why your website sucks?

  • No thanks, I don’t want extra sales and income
  • Yes please, I want more website visitors to become customers


Lawn mower: short copy

Your grass is long again

  • I’ll mow the darn thing
  • Please mow it for me


Lawn mower: longer copy

Want us to mow your lawn?

  • No thanks, I’ll spend my weekend in the yard
  • Yes please, I want freedom!


Step 2: They provide useful and relevant information

Naturally, you can’t just ask people to do something and expect that they’ll do it immediately, unless it involves asking them to live in a city made of fudge and cupcakes.

People want to know the facts so they can make informed decisions.  Information breaks down the barriers to purchasing, and opens the door to donating.


The ‘read more’ or ‘learn more’ button is used extensively on websites these days. They cater to those who simply want a snapshot of information, and those who want the whole story.

The ‘read more’ or ‘learn more’ button is used extensively on websites these days. They cater to those who simply want a snapshot of information, and those who want the whole story.


If you click on ‘Learn more’, this page comes up.



Step 3: They share their plan

It’s clear that Animals Australia want to save ducks, but how? A barrier to people donating money is that they don’t know where the money will go. Many charities and not-for-profits, just like Animals Australia, now wisely stipulate what a specific dollar amount will buy.


Animals Australia anti duck shooting donations


Step 4. They empower you to donate

I love the line, “YES, I want to defend native waterbirds against the imminent slaughter season”. It’s so much more effective than, “Please donate”.


Anti duck shooting donate page


I also love the ‘2015 standout charity’ information on the donate page. Personally, I’d probably add an additional trust-building line, like, ‘With your help we stopped the cruel export and death sentence of Australian greyhounds exported to Macau.  With your continued support, we can reduce the slaughter of ducks in the Victorian wetlands too.’  This might encourage those who are nervous about whether their hard-earned money can actually make a difference.

Trust-building information is so important for every website. In fact, it’s THE most important information.  Does your website include some or all of these: testimonials, case studies, ‘in the media’ details, a list of clients, and examples of work?  If not, it’s time to include them.


These are web conversion tips for charities, not-for-profits and everyone

These web conversion tips are especially relevant if you run a charity or not-for-profit, but are equally relevant for everyday business owners.  Hope you’ve enjoyed them!

Do you think Animals Australia have done a good job of converting visitors into donators? Or can they do more? Let me know on Facebook. I read and respond to every comment (generally within 24 hours), particularly as most come from my partner.


Lion Writing Social Responsibility

At Lion Writing, we are proud supporters of animal rights, with Animals Australia being one our chosen charities.  Please meet a few more members of our team. They have unusual names because I’m a ridiculously creative copywriter: Lamby, Piggy and Cow-ey.

Animals Australia - Team Lion plush toy team



A personal note from me. If you don’t want to know where I stand on animal rights and would rather just read about website copywriting and marketing – that’s 100% okay. This extra paragraph is just for people who’d like to get to know me a bit better. 🙂

I’m opposed to duck shooting. Why? Because I love animals.  I admit, I can do so much more for them, and I’m far from perfect.  But if I’m opposed to people rounding up a group of puppies, dogs, kittens and cats, and slaughtering them for ‘sport’ (or poachers shooting elephants and lions), how can I be okay with people slaughtering beautiful, innocent ducks?  Also, only 1 in 4 are killed instantly, which leaves too many ducks to die a long, excruciating death. I couldn’t bear to look into the eyes of a dying dog – a dying duck is absolutely no different to me. If you love ducks, you might want to take a look at this short, non-graphic  anti duck-shooting ad. Thanks for reading!

Lucinda x 🙂

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