Website copywriting: Why Choose Lion Writing?


Gosh, I’m glad I don’t have to choose a website copywriter. There are hundreds out there, and quite frankly, most of are pretty darn awesome! I’m not going to tell you why I’m better than other web copywriters, I’m just going to tell you what I offer, and you can decide whether we’re the right fit.

(I’m humbled to be in demand and I usually have a waiting list, so be sure to read right to the end, because there are reasons why you may not want to hire me as your web copywriter. But I hope you do!)



RISK-FREE. I offer 2 free rounds of revisions, and a LION-clad 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re not 100% happy with my website copywriting, and no revisions meet your approval, you’ll cheerfully receive your deposit or full payment. It’s as simple as that.


100% Confidentiality. I write every piece of copy myself.

I don’t hire junior staff. I don’t outsource your project to copywriting freelancers. I don’t even read the copy to my dog anymore. I sit down at my computer every day, rip open bananas and write/eat, write/eat, eat/eat, eat/write and so on. Your privacy and information is safe because I write every piece of copy myself.


Peace of mind. I’m experienced.

I’m a reputable, experienced web copywriter who gets results. I don’t just write about web copywriting on this website, I have also written about it over on Flying Solo – Australia’s # 1 online publication for micro business owners.


The copywriting process is easy peasy.

One of the things holding many people back from using a freelance copywriter is simply not knowing the process. My process is relaxed, friendly and easy! Find out more.


All your questions are cheerfully answered.

I understand that you may have many questions, that’s why I have a thorough FAQ page. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll respond within 24-48 hours.


Why NOT choose me?

You’re busy. Let’s make sure I don’t waste your time. As much as I’d love to work with most business owners, there are a few reasons why it just might not work out.


You need me to start writing immediately.

If the planets align, I can sometimes start working with you within a few days, but more often than not, you’ll probably need to wait at least 1-2 weeks. I promise, I’ll start working with you as soon as I can. It’s best to get in touch to see if I can meet your timeframe. I hope I can!


You’ve got a tight, Boa Constrictor deadline.

Sorry, I don’t do rush jobs (turnover within 24-48 hours). I’m only interested in writing quality copy that gets results. If my writing is going to be substandard and not achieve anything, what’s the point of writing it? After all, you won’t be happy, I won’t be happy, even the words will shake their little font fists at me. More rush. Less results. Let’s not go there.


You need to have an initial face to face meeting.

In order to reach all my clients’ deadlines, I have a tight, streamlined writing schedule that unfortunately doesn’t allow for travel time and meetings. I’m more than happy to have a phone chat though. Email me and we can get the ball rolling!


You want to haggle

To explain why haggling creates problems, I’ve pasted a paragraph from a Flying Solo article I wrote, How and why we must value each otherYou have every right to ask questions regarding price: exactly what you’ll receive for your investment, how and when. After all, you’re about to spend your hard-earned money …  Haggling is different though. Suppliers put a dollar value on their offerings based on their experience, expertise and results. Although you may not realise it, haggling says, “I respect and trust your services enough to hire you, but not to pay what you’re worth. I want your full-price quality, time and results, at a reduced price.” 


You’d prefer to write the copy yourself 🙂

I LOVE it when my clients have ideas, and I will always listen and respect your thoughts. After all, it’s your business, and you know your business better than anyone else. However, if your main issue is lack of time rather than lack of writing skills, and you’d like someone to write exactly what you have in your mind, my best advice is to put aside some time and write the copy yourself. Reason being, you’re unlikely to be happy with what someone else writes, because you already know how you want it written. When you hire me to write your copy, you’re not just hiring someone who puts words together, you’re hiring someone who will create an entire Conversion Optimisation strategy. I look at your entire brand and ferret out persuasive sales points you didn’t even know existed. I then create an entire copywriting strategy, knowing where to put what, and in what order. You’re hiring me for my objective viewpoint, ideas and expertise, and that’s exactly what you’ll get.


You want to be on Page 1 of Google

My specialisation is Conversion Optimisation. While I include your preferred keywords in all your copy, I can’t guarantee it will improve your search engine rankings, even though in most cases it will. Please read some of the testimonials on my Home page, you’ll see I’ve achieved some excellent Search Engine Optimisation results for clients.


You want guaranteed conversion results

I write my copy based on information you’ve given me about your business, products and services. No matter how persuasive my copy is, there might be reasons why people won’t get in touch with you that are specific to: your industry, your target market, the economy and a host of other reasons. I do, however, guarantee that I will write the most persuasive copy possible based on the information you’ve provided.

I’d like to end with one last reason TO choose me. I’ll be excited to work with you. I love my work, and I’ll do everything I can to further improve the success of your business.

It’s a jungle out there, just as well Lion Writing takes pride in being on your side. Send an obligation-free email.