Lion Writing Web Copywriting Process


If you’ve never used a copywriter before, then the process might seem daunting and confusing. But it’s not. It’s actually really enjoyable and easy.

Every copywriter has a different process, here’s mine:


You send me an initial email outlining your needs. I’ll respond within 24 – 48 hours.


In response to this email, I may ask for further clarification. Or, if I have enough information I’ll then send you back:


  • An outline of how I can help (If I can’t help, I’ll explain why.)
  • A ballpark figure
  • The timeframe in which I can complete your work

When you receive my email, there is absolutely no obligation to proceed. I won’t badger and bother you. I’m busy. You’re busy. If we can work together, SUPER, if not, that’s okay too.


If you wish to proceed, then I’ll send an invoice for either a deposit or full payment. Either way, your deposit or full payment is covered by my Lion-Clad 100% money back guarantee.


Once the deposit is in my account I will email you a questionnaire, which is known as the Client Brief.


Once you send back the questionnaire, I’ll write your copy and will email it within the agreed timeframe.


You read the copy and love it! Of course, it’s likely you’ll want some revisions, which is normal. You’re entitled to two free rounds of revisions, and we usually nail it within the first round.


When you’re 100% happy with the copy, I’ll send you an invoice for the balance. Easy!