Frequently Asked Questions


What is website copywriting?

General copywriting involves writing persuasively in order to sell a product or service.  It is the writing used in advertising and marketing materials such as brochures, newspaper/magazine advertisements, flyers, direct mail letters etc. Website copywriting is the same persuasive writing, however, the aim is to turn visitors into customers by encouraging them to get in touch, make a purchase or connect with you in some way (sign up to a newsletter, connect on social media and so on).


Do you offer other copywriting services outside of website copy and blog posts?

I write taglines and slogans. However, in regard to other general copywriting services, I mainly offer these for my regular and long-term clients.


I would like my website copy rewritten or written from scratch. What is the process?

My process is easy, seamless and fun. Here it is.


When can I expect my copywriting to be completed?

This depends on the size and nature of the writing project, as well as my current workload.  Generally it is within 7 – 21 working days, but it can be shorter or longer.  Please get in touch for a better indication of the timeframe.


How do I pay you for the website copy?

By direct bank deposit.


Do you ask for a deposit for the website copywriting?

Yes, I ask for a 50% deposit before any writing begins, or full payment if the invoice total is below a certain amount. Rest assured, you’re covered by my guarantee. Please see next point.


Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, I do indeed offer a guarantee for my website copywriting. Find out more about the website copywriting guarantee.


Do you guarantee that your website copy will boost my sales?

Copywriting has the power to boost your sales, and while it generally does, your sales are dependent on your overall marketing and business strategy, not just your copywriting.  So the answer to this question is a friendly ‘no’.  If you are after specific marketing advice it’s best to consult with a specialised marketing consultant.

I’m good at English, why can’t I just save money and write my own wording?

You can, and it will definitely save you money. But the question is:  will it make you money?  Writing and copywriting are two different animals. The act of normal writing is simply about conveying a message, whereas copywriting is about writing a persuasive message that drives people to take action.


Do you register trademarks and patents?

No.  That is known as ‘copyright’ and it is different to the act of copywriting, which is writing persuasive wording in order to sell a product, service or idea.


Who is responsible for the accuracy of the information on my website?

You.  I base my website copy on details you provide, or research that relates to your industry.  I am generally not a professional in your industry, so the copy will need to be checked for accuracy.


Who owns the words on my website, is it me or Lion Writing?

Once the final invoice is paid, you own copyright for the words on your website, not Lion Writing.  As such, feel free to use it anywhere and in any way you see fit.


I would like to refer Lion Writing to a friend, do you want to know about this?

Absolutely!  I am incredibly grateful when my clients and acquaintances refer me to others, and I definitely want to know about this.


 If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch