About Lion Writing. Who’s in the pride?


Lucinda Lions

Lion Writing
I started Lion Writing in 2008 and have had the honour of working with loads of amazing business owners, many of whom are entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, micro business operators or small business owners. The BIGGEST buzz for me is when my copywriting leads to increased conversions and sales for my clients.


Flying Solo
I’ve been a Flying Solo contributor for years, and I was the Acting Editor in 2014. In 2015 I was selected to become a regular monthly columnist, which I’m thrilled about. Flying Solo is Australia’s No 1 resource for solo and micro business. 70,000 members and counting.


Slogan Creator
I also have another business called Slogan Creator, which focuses only on tagline creation. I’d previously written taglines under the Lion Writing brand, but wanted to separate and specialise. Would you like to check out Slogan Creator? Just do it. 😉


Ethically Creative

I’m the resident copywriting expert at Ethically Creative, which is an amazing design agency that completes projects for companies with a cause. As a cause-driven copywriter, this is right up my alley!


Spare time
When I’m not writing I’m usually walking trance-like in the chocolate aisle. I also love spending time with my family and friends, in the chocolate aisle. Sometimes I’ll go bushwalking, in the chocolate aisle.



King1 (resident lion copywriter)

pride-lionWhen I was born, it was apparent to most that my brain would explode from all the wisdom. So I immediately set about working as a copywriter, and quickly published my bestseller, 3 reasons why your website sucks. I soon realised, however, that my real passion lay in writing self-help books.


Best-sellers for humans:

  • With any luck your child won’t have your personality
  • It’s not a horror film, just your reflection
  • They’re not sleeping: Why people choose to die when you start talking
  • 13 holiday ideas for people who want to escape you


Best-sellers for animals

  • Pigeons: 4 easy pelvic floor exercises for improved pooping trajectory (on humans)
  • Dogs: Why humans are smarter than you – a fiction novel
  • Cats: How to monetise your internet fame once you’ve eaten your owner (don’t forget to film it)
  • Poultry: How to stop tasting like chicken


The rest of the pride

The Lion Writing pride is also made up of my fantastmo clients and Roar Ingredients newsletter subscribers. My clients are gracious enough to trust me with their business story, and my subscribers are happy to read my sporadic jibber jabber. Together, we make a fantastic pride.

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